Automechanika Shanghai exhibition -- Build the future automotive ecosystem

      This year's Automechanika Shanghai exhibition has nearly 6590 exhibitors from all over the world. Our exhibition venue this time is mainly in hall 7.1.Mainly for the automobile chassis and body parts of the assembly exhibition, in our exhibition hall, the clutch exhibitors are also very many, which is also conducive to us to better understand the industry and industry trends.


      Although the automobile industry has entered a stage of slow development, the number of exhibitors and visitors has increased a lot compared with last year.Among the numerous exhibitors, such as Bosch, zf, aixin, brember, maryli, luos, ruili, zhengyu, which have been exhibiting for many years, can be found everywhere.Now Automechanika Shanghai is a "global gathering", bringing together not only exhibitors from all over the world, but also buyers from all over the world. The expanding product range is a true reflection of the continuous market activity in this field.


       In China's automobile industry driven by factors such as policy, technology, experienced a rapid growth, growth is slowing, three stages of industry transformation, the future in the new energy vehicles gradually recognized by the market, the market also will usher in the secondary growth, so we waited for aftermarket auto parts, also should accelerate the transformation, positive change, such ability faster ahead, to reach the company long-term development.

      Through this exhibition, we also gained a lot, not only gained a lot of new customers, but also learned a lot about the situation of the peer, also through this opportunity to show our company's products to fellow pedestrians, common progress.